Welcome to Dia-be-terrific!


Hi, my name is Amy Ford, and I am a college student who has had type 1 diabetes (T1D) since my diagnosis at 10 years old in 2004.  After recently interning with the communications department of JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), I learned a lot about the diabetes online community (DOC).  I started this blog because I am a strong believer in the DOC and the support, encouragement, and discussion it brings to all those impacted by T1D.  Whether newly diagnosed, living with T1D for decades, or maybe the loved one of someone with T1D, the diabetes online community can be a HUGE resource and support.  So of course, I want to be an active member of this wonderful community.

But, why “Dia-be-terrific”?  Well, as some of you may know, there are many, many, many diabetes blogs out there already.  It was difficult to come up with a new, unique, clever name for a blog about T1D.  I finally settled on Dia-be-terrific for a few reasons.

First, It’s a little corny, but not tooooo corny.  We all need some good corny puns in our lives, am I right? 😛

And second, diabetes IS terrific.

The definition of “terrific” is as follows: of great size, amount, or intensity.  Living with T1D can often feel intense.  A big deal.  A HUGE deal.  A terrifically (?) huge burden to bear.  But at the same time, terrific can mean “extremely good.”  While life with T1D can be the scary kind of terrific, the kind that makes you want to just give up because the task of managing it with finger pricks, dizzying sugar lows, carb counting, syringes, and lancet changes is just plain too intense for you… life with T1D can also still be the good kind of terrific.  The kind of terrific where you realize T1D has made you a healthier person because you know how to take care of your body well.  The kind of terrific where you realize T1D has made you a stronger person because of the discipline it has taught you.  The kind of terrific where you realize T1D is not. stronger. than YOU.

This good kind of terrific where you realize that T1D really isn’t your entire life.  It may seem like it at times… those times when it feels as though all you do is prick your finger, count carbs, gulp down juice boxes, change pump sites, and fight off sugar lows and highs.  But amidst all this terrific intensity of T1D, there is still life to be lived.  T1D can hold no one back.  That is what is truly terrific.

I plan to regularly write about my life with T1D – both the scary terrific side and the good terrific side – with the hope that it generates discussion, community, encouragement, and support for anyone who needs it.

Now go be terrific!


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